Yacht Name Boards

The creation of a proud signature that is a true expression of your yacht should be entrusted to a shop that specializes in the craft—a shop like AJ Originals.

Yacht name boards are an art that involves careful planning and attention to detail.

Old-world technique meets new-world technology in our design studio where our deeply experienced and talented craftsmen create boards for some of the most prestigious mega-yachts in the world.

We create yacht name boards in a range of materials; most often either swirled or pyramid 23 karat gold leaf or palladium, painted, or mirror-polished stainless steel.

Lighting options typically include moisture-free, gel-filled rope lights, fiber optics or LEDs.

Name boards are offered with a sub-base so that if you decide to sell your yacht you can easily take your name boards with you.

In our 30 plus years in the business, AJ Originals has created over 100 custom yacht name boards of incomparable quality and enduring appeal.

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